"The depth and intensity of his exploration of spiritual matters  – as well as his quite remarkable intelligence and breadth of knowledge distinguish him as an extraordinary individual. He is a man of great wisdom who has catalyzed my own growth and development in significant ways."

Rev. Merv Dickinson, PHD

Minister of the United Church of Canada, with a PhD in Counselling Psychology


"Brian Baruch is a diligent, creative indeed brilliant person who has a special talent and affinity for those portions of heritage that are esoteric. He expresses himself in both written and verbal expression with cogency, coherence, and power. He is easily one of the most gifted students I have ever taught. His expositions and commentaries were often striking in their originality, but at the same time faithful to the fundamental principles of  tradition."

Prof. Rabbi Isaac Breitowitz, Phd

International Expert in Religious Philosophy, Law and Medical Ethics