R’ Gershon Winkler
International renown author, scholar in Jewish lore, theology, and mysticism

"I humbly add that Brian Baruch articulates in a user-friendly, accessible vernacular that undoubtedly reaches not only the intellect but the heart and soul of those who seek to enrich their spiritual lives and connect more clearly with the ever-elusive Divine." 

Rev. Merv Dickinson, PHD
Minister of the United Church of Canada, with a PhD in Counselling Psychology

"The depth and intensity of his exploration of spiritual matters  – as well as his quite remarkable intelligence and breadth of knowledge distinguish him as an extraordinary individual. He is a man of great wisdom who has catalyzed my own growth and development in significant ways."

Prof. Rabbi Isaac Breitowitz, Phd
International Expert in Religious Philosophy, Law and Medical Ethics

"Brian Baruch is a diligent, creative indeed brilliant person who has a special talent and affinity for those portions of heritage that are esoteric. He expresses himself in both written and verbal expression with cogency, coherence, and power. He is easily one of the most gifted students I have ever taught. His expositions and commentaries were often striking in their originality, but at the same time faithful to the fundamental principles of  tradition."

Arline M.
Fashion Photographer/Creative Visionary

"Brian Baruch is a gifted inspirational author.  His teachings about LOVE release you to live fully by revealing your innate potential!"

Lori-Ann W., MA, RIHR
Registered Psychotherapist

"I am incredibly impressed with the level of brilliance and illumination Brian Baruch articulates. His works are filled with spiritual truths relevant to each person’s life. I believe Brian to be one of the most exceptional, caring, altruistic, aware of a person, that I have ever known. So do many of those who had the privilege of knowing him."

Dr. Allan Fox
Dental Surgeon

"I rave about Brian Baruch’s lessons: the breadth of his knowledge, and his skill in presenting it. His  thought-provoking and transformational teachings present a keen sense of logic for the purpose of our existence. "

Lisa S.
Fitness Director

"I experienced some wonderful life-affirming realizations that have been very beneficial to me from Brian Baruch’s work. It opened me up to the numerous possibilities within my own life and made me better realize the potentials around me." 

Agnes N

"I am so grateful to Brian Baruch’s gift for literary eloquence. His lessons are life-changing and inspiring. These insightful prose take my breath away!" 

Shira R
Occupational Therapist

"Brian Baruch’s works have helped me develop a stronger sense of self, and find purpose. I learned to be more aware of my inner life, and groom positive thought patterns that allow for change and growth.I am now able to live more fully and appreciate each day without past fears and anxiety. In such a short time. my career has truly blossomed. I feel fulfilled from my work and that fulfillment allows me to be more fully invested when spending quality time with my family." 

Isaac O

I can openly say that his works have had a lasting impact on me and my family.  Brian Baruch’s work is helping the world become a better place.

Ingrid C
Airline Attendant

"My dedication to these lessons has empowered me to meet life's challenges with much ease and grace. Most importantly, joy is again a big part of my life. My life is shifting into the positive on many levels."

Stewart K
Financial Sales & Services

"Since investing in his works my approach and sensitivity towards life, work, family and greater worldview have all taken on a fresh light. I am more confident. I have more direction. I no longer carry around the same fears and dread that had weighed on me previously. I sense a clear purpose to my life and role. My inter-personal relationships are flourishing. I feel more satisfaction and fulfillment from day to day in ways that allow me to proactively create a life flourishing with purpose and fulfillment."

Adina R
Director of Development & Communications

"I have benefited greatly from the study of Brian Baruch's works. They stand out as a catalyst for a transformational awakening. I could write an entire book on how my life has changed, but suffice to say that it has in so many ways. Today, I am relaxed, my health conditions continue to improve, my career is on a fast track of success, and my relationship with my spouse is better than it has been in many years. This may sound like an infomercial, but I am living proof that it is absolutely true!"

Tanya S

"Brian Baruch’s teachings are brilliantly nuanced and layered, providing both answers and the stimulus to broaden your horizon to greater understanding."