Romeo Bleeding

What is this abyss
that taunt many inside
it echoes of toil
and deflates pride

shrieking of souls
genuinely cheated
destiny slighted
unduly greeted

spirits kept silent
stirring about
shackled in thirst
partnered without

knowing not of love
nor its succulent song
they carry on blindly
indifference to wrong

they pine in vain
for destiny’s kiss
swimming in tears
hopes fall amiss

tragedy fed drunkenly
by persistent vice
building homes in woe
and lost paradise

enchained and haunted
witnessing shame
trading in guilt
brandishing shame

to break upon the bosom
of the helplessly damned
as the plots deluge stirs
superficially fanned

should they rush their anchor
at true love’s intimacy
they can ignite a passage
from their torrid parched sea

 © bb - all rights reserved