Noah’s Lament

Noah’s Lament

dogged defiance
agitates the scourge
purging betrayals
of days sold and ignored

sequestering stares
of passers by and kin
oblivious to the stakes
of assaulting to win

behind the numbing walls
where innocence shrieks
the consuming purge
from Divinity’s reach

sacked and traded
to propriety’s bent
their pilot’s sight
has long since spent

festering in agita
ripened for din
waves consuming
the chorus of sin

washing away
a somber ending
ills rented and kept
for carnivorous trending

turned asunder
all transparent
are we not the same?
a dove apparent

rivals silenced
in coursing accord
pooling the rue
that we ignored

tumbled and torn
to render anew
vertigo skies
order in blue

standing hollowed
empty purview
I surrender fully
to hopes undue

vanquish my claim
this sanctimonious shill
unburden my name
untether my will

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