Love's Early Thought

Love’s Early Thought

a great light
bares witness
to brave innocence
trampled by legions
marked by indifference

like stalwart touchstones
each cleaves to
Divinity’s throne
selflessly extending
nurturing from the
Great Unknown

serenading Solace & Comfort
to unsheathe and tread
shadow dancing
in the softer lights
of better times ahead

players arranging
the unfolding
of true love’s reign
answering its clarion
with delicate refrain

time confesses eloquently
securing their stalwart run
an eminent course
they gilded to the echo
of Destiny’s hum

walls topple
their separation
tugging the heart’s cascade
to revel in the upright
and end the grand charade

a dawning for her arising
to caress wounded wrongs
setting souls alight
revealing a world
where each belongs

taking hold of her visage
secures her early release
she hastens to
Intimacy’s breath
irrevocably at peace

O’ brave innocent;
remain eternal
and regret naught
embracing roles begotten
by Love’s early thought

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