Lost & Found

“Lost  &  Found”

I feel
the cracks
the sunshine
my teardrops
wash the
all away
they march
before me
holding hands
becoming one
each challenge
awaits in jest
all intertwined,
falling decoratively
in void
my every longing
painted crimson
so I vow
to only paint
a stoic grey
can’t you hear
the echoes
of lost angels?
wishing to banish
the suffering
in each
and in everyone
but worries
cloak my heart
and I turn numb
pulling me below
the refuge
of our heart


we save many
a brilliant twilight
colourful teardrops
a world of will
the pieces of us
we left behind
recover mercy
connecting their dots
angels rising to
sing and play
loyally gathering
around our hearts
to cleanse each
silent regret
reviving in each
this sacred prayer
heeding a music
of tomorrow
that serenades
each wish as
worries melt
beneath the
love we share
sentimental dews
echoing landslides
to the heart
one, by one,
by one, by one

© bb - circa 1996