“I feel that poets are advocates of the heart, as opposed to those occupied with the task advancing the agendas of the mind.

 At our present zeitgeist in the West, there is a flooding of media and material designed to appeal to the mind’s reactive concerns. Media peddles news of impediments to survival, fuels competitive agendas, and commoditizes human interest for commercial leveraging. With repeated exposure, this results in a dulling of the heart’s senses. In effect, rendering our culture most reactive and predictable. 

Countering this discordant din, are heart-driven, inspired, rhapsodic vignettes crafted for music, drama and the written form. These aim to help coax humanity to “feel” again. These artists maintain that it is the heart that sets forth the agenda of the mind, and inspires individuals on a course for more authentic action.

 In this spirit, I proudly assert that I am an artist, an artist of words, I am a poet. 

Inspired poetry can catalyze a feeling of reunion and wholeness. Its a medium well suited for reflection and deeper meditative probing. Enwrapped in such prose we drop our worldly masks and contending perspectives to engage in the true spirit of what it means to be alive and to be truly humane.

Increasingly, there is an appetite for material that coaxes the heart to “feel” in ways that offer hope, solace, healing and reunion. And as our world continues to redefine the narrative of the human condition such “feelings” are our north star, and guardians of our moral compass. And so, serving as a poet touches on the fabric of something genuinely sacred. This small poet wants to help shine a light for everyone realize that although our love may seem as insignificant as a little snowball, that little snowball is about to roll down a really steep hill.” 💗