Art Gallery

Brian Baruch, inspirational artist

“As an artist, I shrug when I view a rendering that looks too linear or perfect. Such pieces feel somehow vacant, disingenuous and devoid of spirit. I get truly excited by artists that harmonize opposites in ways that surprise. Such pieces seem “perfect in their imperfection” in a way that evokes the frailty of life and Man’s passage between discovery and fulfillment.

My goal is always to catalyze a mending of minds in ways that invigorates genuine hearts; making too, for the outstretched vibrancy of the ever-elusive.I try to imbue my iconic works with the intangibles of layers and friction. In this way the viewer confronts bridge for threading a hidden harmony once obscured by juxtaposing perspectives negotiating with the absolute. Somehow, these works quell a deeper tension that opens the viewer up to a penetrating sense of creative exchange. My creations are often both iconic and archetypal. They offer a liberating perspective on biblical symbolism or a dalliance with deeper truth. They may appear simple, but carry hints of something deeper, timeless wisdom, hidden-interplay and creative alchemy.

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