How important is secluded meditation, mindfulness, inspiration and prayer to spiritual growth and discovery?

Its Important.

It is very important for you to focus, to meditate, to love, to imbue harmony into all that you create with. Whatever the method, the goal is the same, to focus on uncovering from the depths of your heart a deep passion and reverence for the power of greater intimacy.

It beckons you to heal old wounds with the softest grace and polishes the corners so that everything can roll along. Such inspiration will drive you beyond the bends of fractured compromises and invigorate you to exude sheer harmony.  In this state you will find peace and clarity with  the eternal perspective behind all things.When you do so, there is always a coalescing, a kiss from eternity that forever changes your entire paradigm.

This is a kiss that many call “deliverance”. To the degree that you are able to recognize it, to the degree that you are able to have a relationship with it, is the degree to which you can best romance this love story called “life”.

You see, there are many that pray or meditate formally. Often, their prayers consist of speaking words that they say by rote, because there is a tradition, so it is evoked without genuineness, and without true feeling. Many just pray and pray, they talk, but their heart is fallow or too callous, so they fail to “listening”. They have forgotten how to “listen” through expressions of intimacy. And so, they forget their precious role to contribute to the intimacy of our world.

Many think they are stuck addressing a god of shame, a vindictive god, a supreme enforcer that acts like many men do upon this earth. They envision themselves dodging or crouch before an oppressive Lord that scolds them or shuns them for not being worthy enough. But, if they would only remember, if they only could only catch a lover’s glimpse.  Then they would realize that they are far grander, and far more beautiful than what they can presently perceive. They would witness how they carry an indelible spark, an irrepressible song in their heart. They would stake claim to the clarion of these irrepressible words echoing from the chambers of  their hearts;

“You are intimately loved, and you are intimately cherished. You are intimately powerful; you are so very powerful in your intimacy! To the degree that you listen within intimacy, is the space where revelation begins taking root.”

If they would undress their soul to commune with the intimate music beckoning them from within, they would awaken to embrace their life with the passion of a love story!

What is the relationship between spiritual growth and past trauma?


Trauma and its cycles relate to the suppression of lost fragments of self.

The essential lesson here is to realize that you are a projection of an infinite awareness that is being dulled by physical form and considerations of fatalistic consequences. Behind the veil of form, you have creative capacities that transform and harmonize.

Many folks suffer cyclical difficulties because they previously banished parts of themselves earlier in life after confronting a trauma. Instead of healing and developing, they choose instead to repress the pain and its damage.  Inside, they blame themselves and their inner child’s naiveté. They banish these parts of themselves, sealing them in a culture of blame, intolerance, force and hostility. All of these expression are foreign to the comprehensive harmony associated with the culture of the soul.

It is these lost aspects of self that arise in the dark moments and speak  abrasively in the banished language that was impressed upon them.

A person ready for spiritual healing needs to cultivate the courage to redeem these lost aspects of self, and bring them back into the culture of their greater identity. This process involves profound levels of inner nurturing and consolation.  This instills a new culture that breaks through past walls of divide and coaxes a greater reunion of self that proves profoundly cathartic and life-affirming.

As teaching these lost aspects of self re-interface and circulate the values of boundless worth, reunion and unconditional love such healing proves transcendent and healing. Oftentimes, such work forever alters the trajectory of a person’s journey.

The key is always to bring all parts of self into greater “wholeness” progressing together with enhanced synergy. Just like there are never any extra pieces in a puzzle, just yet un-plotted creative terrains.  You you never throw away the puzzle pieces that don’t seem to fit. Instead, you set them aside and afford them equal importance and space.

It is the same with the journey into living more vibrantly and with greater wholeness. You cannot repress any past aspects of self, only honour them and afford them context for greater harmonization.

How do I “fast-track” my growth?

People come to me to grow and better themselves. People don’t come to me to stay the same. Its like being on the highway where you have many different lanes, but only one passing lane.

I am a passing lane.

If you wish to drive in the passing lane, you have to drive with steady acceleration. You’re not allowed to drive casually, or ride the break in the passing lane.  If a drive would “heaven forbid” drive in reverse authorities would have to take that driver off the road.

True spiritual growth requires intrinsic motivation, a spark of something genuine and so real. This kind of genuineness does not wane as things start to improve or if you find yourself journeying uphill.

As a spiritual teacher my true loyalty is to your “future self”, not the limited mindsets of your past.  The future you is always more sensitive to greater nuance and equipped with 20-20 hindsight to do things more elegantly. When a client is aligned with the perspective of their future self discovery their progress of growth is transcendantly fluid. However, when parts of the client’s awareness are more loyal to the past then progress hits repeated speed bumps.

Spiritual development means improving your relationship with “change”.
It may seem ironic, but change is the only true constant in creation. Each person brings a personal culture to change. How do you you relate to change, do you see it as foreboding or a harbinger of something better. Healing or releasing ingenuity in a client is only half the work. The greater work involves taking responsibility their to alter the culture of your relationship with change.  The great ones romance their future inspiration like their beloved. When this relationship is present  the transcendence grows increasingly imminent.

And so simply said, if you lack the consistency for passing that’s nice, but it’s appropriate to get out of the lane. Such are the basic rules of the road.

Does spiritual therapy provide more than “word service”?

Too Much Talk Often Consumes Opportunity.

Essentially, as a spiritual practitioner I feel “words” become a distraction from the actual process of growing with the limitless capacities  of the soul to harmonize greater realization. Spiritually, “words” are considered conceptual triggers that true awareness hides behind. Oftentimes, “words” can become mere schemas, boxes we hide behind devoid of real meaning and authenticity. They can support “automatic thinking” and reactive triggers that work to counter genuine discovery and growth. I therefore have a discipline of not getting entrenched in discussion with clients when they feel stuck. Such clients need to first do the private dedications and mindful work to cultivate space for a relationship with their future growth and discovery.  This allows the client to refresh their awareness from a more open space for transcendent discovery and connection.

The unconscious capacities of awareness are palpable in their healing and harmonizations once unbound. True spiritual work is creative, intuitive and transcendent work. Just as a farmer would need to till the soil prior to seeding, a true spiritual practitioner expects a client to spend some time unhooking themselves from past drama and reactivity prior to a therapeutic session.

If you examine a package of glue, you will find instructions to clean the surface before attaching the adhesive. This is because if the surface is not clean the glue will become compromised and the adhesion won’t last. It is the same with spiritual therapies. The client must spend time cleansing the surface of their heart’s authenticity, their true genuineness before the healing session so they can reattach their heart to there greater aspects of self in a lasting way.

Consider a child learning how to tie shoes. In the process of experimentation, the child accidentally ties a knot or two. A parent or teacher would likely instruct the child not to pull on the knots, as that would only make them tighter and more difficult to release. It is the same for the true spiritual practitioner who aims to the knots binding true awareness. The goal is to detach the triggers and traumas repressing latent ingenuity; not exacerbate them through agitated, bitter or fatigued  speech and characterizations.

When clients come to a private session — the practitioner performs spiritual work first and briefs the client thereafter with cognitive approaches and discussion. However, true spiritual healing is not like the talk therapy you commonly find in psychoanalysis that oftentimes gets reductively stagnant. with little immediate impact and lasting breakthroughs.  

What is the concept of “Spiritual Seeding”, is that like hypnotism?

The concept of spiritual “seeding” relates to the merging or fusing keys of spiritual truth into another awareness to unlock latent solutions and gifts.

Within spiritual tradition, each soul is considered preciously sacred,  sharing a specific creative perspective and spectrum of truth. For the spiritualist, tenor of this “perspective” is modulated by how the individualized self/ ego and the greater soul interface. Clairvoyants often report seeing a representation of this creative vibration in the form of a radiating hues that surround an individual’s form. They is often called “the shadow of Divinity” (tzelem Elohim), “an individual’s  light” or “aura field” that pulsates chiefly near the electromagnetic centres of the body (mind & heart, and energetic output  meridians respectively).

Spiritual tradition relates that an individual incarnates for a worldly journey embedded with their unique perspective of higher truth. They compare this to a bound scroll of wisdom. They relate that as an individual journeys through life and its challenges, these experiences are designed to help prompt the uncoiling of this sacred scroll within. That a life deliberately lead would uncoil a wellspring of inner knowingness/ intuitive wisdom (Daat).

At times, such progress can be catalyzed or accelerated by briefly bonding with an advanced soul’s perspective. In this way the individual’s awareness gets seeded with keys to unlock latent genius and breakthroughs that are native to their perspective of  truth. The experience of being seeded with “keys” to  inspiration is associated with strong emotional highs and feelings of belonging, inner peace and wholeness.

This is similar to how a vaccine works. Many individuals may suffer from a disease, but if one individual proves impervious then you can go about preparing the cure from his antibodies. Then, this cure can be shared with affected  individuals to bring them new resilience and healing. Oftentimes, an advance soul carries spiritual keys that make him immune to many of the hangups, contentiousness and gripes that plague many living with a more worldly awareness. These keys can be shared with another through meditative meta-cognitive states to help prepare a more limited individual for a spiritual “growth spurt” and creative breakthrough.

In such metacognitive states these inspired keys being relayed may appear as directives that seem quite condense and unremarkably simple. However, with time, such seeds germinate fresh roots that extend transcendence  and elegantly interplay with previous knowlege, cultural references and emotional predispositions to produce sophisticated, nuanced and inventive creative expression and ideas.

The feelings associated with  such “seeding” experiences are akin to the “tender” and “nurturing”  warmth exchanged between between lovers who are adrift in a halo of ecstatic unity.

In laymen terms, this powerful process involves an advanced soul energetically extending the scope of their perspective to another soul. A clairvoyant witnessing this process would actually witness the blending of completely different auric fields, witnessing them lovingly converge over the crown of the subject  for a brief time. 

What is a “Soulmate” relationship?

“True love means loving yourself enough to advance through all your lessons intimately.”

A common theme found throughout the world’s spiritual traditions is the depiction of the soul as being limited and obscured by the contrasting conditions of material living. Classical texts depict a soul as a lens of creative vitality and all of one’s life experiences aimed at helping to help polish that lens into greater clarity. As the soul is perfected it actively projects the benevolent light driving all of existence.

On a personal level, this means that there are parts of your soul’s benevolence that realized, and it is through this perspective that you commune with the Divine. However, their are latent aspects of your soul that remain shrouded in mystique. It is these unrealized aspects of your soul’s benevolence that you have yet to fully grasp. To the degree that you to not pull back the curtain on the greater benevolence of the latent aspects of your soul is the degree that its repressed momentum arises chaotically and pulls you down. The path of spiritual emergence is designed to better connect the full circuitry of your soul’s benevolence, and as you do so you summon person, inter-personal and societal solutions for greater harmony. This is why the classical mystics describe that by polishing the lens of your soul’s greater benevolence you grow to better project the fullness of divinity and resuscitate lost potentials. From this perspective, all of one’s life’s journey is designed to one way or another, help coax one towards uncovering and exuding a greater capacity of their soul’s light.

While navigating your life’s winding journey, you confront many signposts in the form of friends, family and relationships that direct you into greater accord with your soul’s authenticity. Some of these relationships are intended to attract you closer to your soul’s truth, and other relationships are aimed atto repelling you into the right direction, as if intimating; “you are supposed to be different and are not supposed to be like me.”

Still, from an eternal perspective; all relationships are orchestrating a greater benevolence by helping to amplify a the fullness of their soul’s creative vitality.

A soulmate relationship is a powerful “signpost” relationship for dedicated self-discovery and spiritual realization. Each partner serves as an powerful signpost for the other. Each companion summons a greater dawning of their partner’s latent spiritual potentials. Each one modelling aspects of unrealized benevolence in their partner’s soul. In tandem such nurturing fosters greater harmony between them, while converging with the greater spirit of their unrealized souls.

The core idea here being that a soulmate, can inherently by virtue of their unique set of core spiritual attributes trigger within their partner a greater embrace of latent spiritual qualities.

Definition: A true soulmate relationship is one of mutual dedication and vulnerable intimacy, where each partner supports the other on their journey of self-discover in ways that lead to inner tranquility, and a more fulfilling life.

The “popular” notion of a soulmate as a dynamic where one partner simply completes another is a dubious notion. On many fronts this misguided understanding leads to destruction and apathy. At core, it places unhealthy emphasis on disempowering passivity that obscures the confines of personal responsibility. True spirituality places each individual at the fulcrum of their own spiritual trajectory and emergence. It requires authentic dedication and passionate self discovery. Essentially, it is always spiritually unhealthy to place the responsibility of your own inner happiness and spiritual development on another.

Note: The core rule for all spiritual growth is that the individual is the sole arbiter of their own happiness.

An authentic soulmate relationship is one where each partner models for the other aspects of the other’s truth that has long been repressed or untapped. It is a relationship that over the course of time inspires each to reclaim the fullness of their spiritual selves, so that as a couple they may together create a life with greater balance and authenticity. A true soulmate relationship is never a quick-fix to inner fulfillment. It can never support delegating the responsibility to your authentic discovery to another. A soulmate will not complete you, rather it will provide you with necessary conditions of security and courage to fearlessly dedicate to attending to the inner discovery that leads to lasting personal and spiritual emergence. It is a profoundly synergistic partnership where, like timeless dancers, devoted lovers work in tandem at ripening each other into lasting fulfillment. 

“Aren’t all approaches true? Isn’t there a benefit to every path? What makes one approach better than another?

It is an issue of perspective.
From a worldly perspective; the answer is no. You can not ignore the needless suffering and fallout associated with taking the indirect path.
All paths are not the same because no one truly deserves to suffer for their ignorance. When we entertain moral equivalencies and relativism we are really letting humanity down and turning a blind eye to needless suffering that is real and crippling.

Even in geometry, you can plot two points, even if these parallel lines go on forever, they need need never intersect. We needn’t be reticent about asserting that one path is “direct” and sustains inner and global harmony, while the other backwardly primitive and leads to a lot of needless suffering and nihilistic struggles and co-dependancy.

And so it is advantageous to provide those of limited perspective with a scope for greater perspective and provide them instruction for creating in a sovereign culture that makes room for greater synergy and the gravity of eternal consequence.

From a heavenly perspective things get a lot more nuanced. This is because from an eternal perspective, parts of us are already residing in a space that is in agreement with universal truths, and their lasting progression. However, we must recognize that “karmically”, the consequences of our past, present and future perceptions are all pooling together in ways that condition the very nature and context for our reality.

Our fragmented relationship with time forces us to time and again confront the fallout of past missteps until we correct them. However, this linear evolutionary path for growth that involves a lot of human suffering and primitive struggle.  We each have the ability to create with our future and transcendent selves in ways that shorten our learning-curve, and bring with it the benefits of more bountiful living.

And so, a person develops into becoming spiritually dynamic specifically because  we each have the ability to transform and harmonize our disparate parts of self.  Each of us can bravely do the work of nurturing our wounded and baser parts to engaging in life in a more together and fuller way. And when we invest in this process, it feels just like falling in Love. As “spirituality” is really  just a word for the irrepressible love story that climaxes into a reunion with absolute wholeness.