Burning Bush

Entitled: “Burning Bush
(Acrylic on canvas) #Baruch2017

The Burning Bush is symbolically synonymous with transcendence and a revelatory peek behind the worldly veil. Thematically, it evokes a pivotal entrance to spiritual leadership, awarded for steadfastly shepherding authority over innocence.
In the spiritual tradition, the burning bush is akin to kiss of revelation that adorns the aspirant with a heavy mantel of power and responsibility.

Embedded in this rendering you will find beneath these revelatory flames and splintering light abstractly depicted open hands of the Eternal. The Eternal hand, is kabbalistically associated with the ArchAngel that governs free-will/revelation; Metat-Ron.
Metat-Ron, the princely serves over the heavenly creation as “יד יהוה”, akin to hand of the king or the Divine hand. Metat-Ron too is long associated thematically with “revelation by Elijah” (/gilui Eliyahu) often alluded to in kabbalistic lore.

What is uniquely captured through this thematic rendering is that this clarion of revelatory light splinters through the cloak of darkness and is revealed nakedly as a kaleidoscopic layer of color and perspectives. There is much to be gained by meditating on this subtle truth.
This painting captures the timeless moment revelation reconciles all of these and reanimates them through the harmonizing light of communion of an Eternal perspective.