Brian Baruch is a spiritual writer and teacher who shares inspirational keys for accessing your inner genius. Admirers have embraced his lyrical prose as “Rumi for the 21st century.”

With lessons that kindle the soul, Brian’s words help transform pain into a passion that liberates hearts for restorative intimacy. His lessons address the mysteries of the soul and impart keys for transcending limitations. Brian’s distinct approach to driving inner development encourages seekers to embrace the inner path with the irrepressible passion of a timeless love story. Brian teaches that one’s life journey is a love story between the realized and latent self.

For over a decade, Brian honed his skill studying at monastic research institutions with an emphasis on classical texts and spiritual philosophy. He studied diligently under the tutelage of distinguished scholars and honed his gift for communicating profound insights in ways that are readily accessible to the intellect and heart.

He teaches works are inspired by our universal spiritual heritage and the power of love. Brian consults executives, teachers and therapists on how to optimize synergistic relations for achieving lasting success. He is dedicated to a life of continued study, counseling, writing and teaching with the aim of helping to render our world into a far more authentic place.



"I humbly add that Brian Baruch articulates in a user-friendly, accessible vernacular that undoubtedly reaches not only the intellect but the heart and soul of those who seek to enrich their spiritual lives and connect more clearly with the ever-elusive Divine." 

"The depth and intensity of his exploration of spiritual matters  – as well as his quite remarkable intelligence and breadth of knowledge distinguish him as an extraordinary individual. He is a man of great wisdom who has catalyzed my own growth and development in significant ways."

"Brian Baruch is a diligent, creative indeed brilliant person who has a special talent and affinity for those portions of heritage that are esoteric. He expresses himself in both written and verbal expression with cogency, coherence, and power. He is easily one of the most gifted students I have ever taught. His expositions and commentaries were often striking in their originality, but at the same time faithful to the fundamental principles of  tradition."

"Brian Baruch is a gifted inspirational author.  His teachings about LOVE release you to live fully by revealing your innate potential!"

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