Entitled: “Rebirth
(Acrylic on canvas) #Baruch2017

This stirring and inspirational depiction highlights a spectacle of colours with golden vibrancy to evoke the awesome potentials of a new dawn. The biblical symbolism of the ark of Noah, its travails now hollow and long disembarked is positioned off to edge of the left frame of the large canvas. Spiritually, the left side is often associated with the severities and consequences the past. Only half of the heart-shaped ark appears on the canvas alluding to a broken heart. Strikingly, this past is overwhelmed by a full spectrum of post-deluge dawning and rebirth. This funnelling forth a flurry of entwining hues subtly encapsulates the symbolism of the Noahide rainbowed covenant; humanity’s charge to learn from our greater diversity. The flourishing and spiralling rays emanating from a funnel-like sun hovering above the horizon’s edge projects dawning for transcendence that draws latent potentials and unconscious gifts into a stage for greater fulfillment. This sun-kissed visages of an embracing covenant of restoration that attests to a lasting invitation for all to reconcile with their greater Divinity.