David’s Dove

Entitled: "David's Dove"
(Acrylic on canvas) #Baruch2017

This painting features a dove that spiritually symbolizes a SOUL and PEACE.
Kabbalistic tradition relates that humanity will develop for 6,000 years from the time of Adamic decent and blossom into a time of peaceful and enlightened satisfaction in the 7th millennia -- a the time called "the GREAT Sabbath".
The catalyst for this period of collective harmony and prosperity is promised to be stewarded a Divine messenger of great enlightenment and compassion. This saintly shepherd will be an embodiment of collective human aspirational goodness; he will guide humanity to a more enlighten time classically called the "reign of the anointed of David".

This painting depicts the time of Twilight, symbolizing sundown of the 6th day, a nexus point for the descent of darkness and the arrival of the hopes and enlightenment of the 7th. The sky is scarlet with streaks of violet blue the colors associated with the healing reign of Gevurah/the authority designated from heaven to fulfill this lasting achievement. The reign of the era of the "anointed of David" will be lead with Tzedek/Fairness and that will help cultures adjust to new potentials for universal peace, enlightenment and prosperity.  The Dove is painted with streaks of blue and pink on white; indicating that this arrival of greater spiritual realization (expression of Chesed/Divine Grace).

Strikingly, the Dove is composed of broken pieces of glass to evoke the universal corrections/tikkun of  broken vessels/"shviras ha'keilim". This profound passage describes how humanity will repair the biases of our diversification by honouring each other and appreciating our greater mosaic for good will.
The olive branch in the Dove's beak represents the gifts of sentimental intangibles, for added meaning and enlightenment. The olive branch has 5 leaves representing the final letter "ה" of the Tetragrammaton -- it is associated with the unconditional and hidden love secretly imbued in every soul.
One of the Dove's wings are not yet fully in the frame the painting, and this is designed to communicate that although the this brave Dove is on its way, but has not yet engaged our time.

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