Reclaiming Lost Baggage

Reclaiming Lost "Baggage"

Although I try to karmically direct clients out of consequential traffic by shifting them into the “carpool” lane of universal benevolence. They often get restuck in consequential traffic by turning around to reclaim lost "baggage".

Im unable to set a person’s culture for them. This would rob them of the integrity of their karmic lesson — and is profane in spirit.

Some people come with anchors of conditional self-worth and martyrdom inherited by codependency to, or compensating for generations of familial trauma.
The practitioner cannot change your culture, only afford you a greater mirror to better navigate obstacle free.
Some people acculturate rapidly — others like to slowly grow into it. It is kind of like the way different kids tend to go in a swimming pool. Some jump right in, others tiptoe into the water to get used to it first.
Im my experience the best asset to shift a culture is a disciplined regimen of study reinforcing genuineness and discover. This helps streamline the progression — as the saying goes — "a good offense is the best defense”.

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